Tuesday, August 13, 2013


A group of boys have been riding their bikes at kindergarten everyday for the last 2-3 terms, so we decided it was time to explore some tracks outside the kindergarten gate.  After some innovative biking track designs in the kindergarten playground and through the sandpit we decided it was time to visit the BMX track.  What an amazing morning out with many of our parents coming along to help out. The boys rode like champions for 1 hour, we had to set up a drink station for refueling as they just kept going.  It was exciting to see them tackling some very challenging slopes and challenge themselves to ride with such perseverance and determination.

We have also ventured out onto the Railway Reserve to explore some of our local tracks close by kindergarten.

We never quite made it along to the end of the track on the first day as the weather became a bit icy and wet so the next day so we decided to walk to the track and test the track for safety. 

It is always fun to discover the places and spaces nearby kindergarten together with friends,and we will soon head back on our bikes to test these slopes.

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