Monday, June 17, 2013

Reduce reuse recycle

Sarah Langi from the Nelson Environment centre has visited us regularly to support us as we work toward our goal of reducing waste in our kindergarten. This morning as she helped us sort through the days rubbish she reminded us that some of our rubbish can be rescued and reused, such as our yoghurt pots, some paper, and plastic containers with the numbers one to  seven on the bottom. The children told her that our food scraps go to the bokashi bin, the compost heap and the worm farm where the worms turn it into soil to feed our plants.  Sadly there is some rubbish that can only go to the landfill because it doesn't break down. This rubbish often turns up in lunch boxes as chippy packets, muesli bar wraps and glad wrap which Sarah calls sad wrap because if it blows around and ends up in our oceans the fish and other sea life can swallow it and die.
The children are learning about ways to care for our kindergarten, each other and our world. Thinking about and taking action about our rubbish is one way we can do this.
Sorting out the paper, plastic which can be rescued and reused and rubbish for the landfill

 Sarah helps the children to count how many pieces of rubbish in
 lunch boxes will go to the landfill, what can be recycled for the compost or worm farm and what can be reused.

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