Thursday, June 20, 2013

A Matariki Visitor and Story

Hello, Its Luca here, said a voice, when I answered the phone today. Can Mum and I come and tell a story to the children today.
It is always a special time when children who have moved on to school return for a visit. When Luca was at home recovering from a cold he thought it would be a good time to come to share a story about Matariki that he and his Mum had been enjoying. Kristin had made some wonderful props, felt fish and a magic net to help her tell the story. The children remembered the story of the seven little star fishes from our telling of it the day before. The story end with the one star that remained nameless so that children can put their name on the star. In this way they will be among friends while they sleep.
Alexis and Mitchell where asked to name the last little star.
Thank you Luca and Kristin for sharing this story with us today.

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