Friday, April 19, 2013

Saying goodbye to Kaiako Sue

What a fun week we have had in saying a sad farewell to Kaiako Sue Allen, The morning children walked to Isel Park where we had morning tea and a treat of lemonade ice blocks from Sue.
We played games with the rainbow ring and walked through the park and found a secret butterfly tree where all the children were hiding and Margie thought they were all lost.

 Afternoon children and parents had a special afternoon tea party also with Sue and we finished her last day with  a concert with Levity Beet and his amazing instruments and stories followed by a shared morning tea party with children and parents.

Check Levity and his music out on his website:

Thank you Kaiako Sue for being such a great teacher and friend to us all and we look forward to many catch ups.

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Anonymous said...

We miss you Kaiako Sue. Looking forward to you visiting us soon....