Thursday, May 9, 2013

Fire Truck Fire Truck I want to ride on a FIRE TRUCK!

This afternoon a fire truck and two fire fighters came to kindergarten. They let us sit in the engine, they showed us all the equipment and their uniforms and then we all got to squirt the fire hose.
Visits such as the fire engine support children's current interests in emergency services, police, ambulance drivers, doctors and of course fire fighters. Children are able to make links between things they know and their dramatic play and learn more basic skills around fire safety. 

 Teachers have purchased 3 new fire fighting suits for the children which are replicas of the  NZ fire service uniforms and we know the children will enjoy these very much. Watch this space as Ambi the mini ambulance is scheduled to visit us next week continuing to support the children's interest in the medical and emergency services.

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