Monday, March 11, 2013

Manu Bear's Great Classic Car Adventure Begins.....

 Manu Bear has been all prepared for the Bear’s Big Holiday which is a fundraising venture for Koputaroa School (a rural school in the Horowhenua).
This is the blog link we will be following to see what he is up to.

Cassie, Jessie, Ethan and Josh have been working very hard at getting Manu Bear ready. 

Manu Bear will ride in a Mustang, silver ghost Rolls Royce, maybe a digger and other cool classics.

He is rather heavy and it took two children to carry him around.
 Ethan and Cassie were worried he would be cold on his adventure so they gave him a red sparkly cape to keep warm.
 They made him a name tag so he wouldn't get lost.

They bundled him up into his box house and he has boarded his flight on seat K10 and we shall soon hear that he has landed.
Good luck Manu Bear and don't forget to brush your teeth. Ka kite ano.

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