Thursday, February 21, 2013

It never looses it fascination -OOBLECK

Oobleck never loses it unique qualities, every time it comes out children flock to explore the soluble and insoluble properties of this wonderful medium.  Actually not just children but teachers and parents alike.
When you squeeze it, it is hard then it melts in your hands and runs through your fingers like slime.  Your first touch is often with trepidation, then the fascination and changing shape of the oobleck grabs both your imagination, your total concentration and wonderment.

An opportunity to explore colour mixing as the children explored the yellow and blue in seperate bowls as they brought them together to see what happens next.  It looks like a swirley mass then a large lollipop then a merging mass of green.

Small price to pay for green hands, green bowls, green ground, green clothes......

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