Thursday, February 28, 2013

A visit to Chevelle's.

Chevelle, and her Mum and Grand dad invited us to come visit. Chevelle chose 9 friends to come to her place to play. What an exciting morning out it was. We arrived in time to have morning tea and then a play with all Chevelle's awesome toys. Thanks Chevelle for sharing with us. After a break for kai and a drink( did I mention the wonderful coffee?)Grand dad Steve took us on a hikoi to visit some of his friends .We fed apples to horses( Kentucky and Andy) and then walked a little further and called the calves in for a drink. The horses were very big and some of us felt a little bit timid but everyone managed to get close. Some of the children bravely fed apples to the horses and others were happy just to pat them. We had to call loudly for Zorro and Ginga and eventully they came running down the hill. We had the water trough ready for them as they were thirsty. A new experience for many of us was letting the calves suck on our fingers....tickly and a bit ouchy seemed to be the general consensus.Thanks Steve, Hayley and Chevelle for being such awesome hosts.How amazing to have a country experience and only be a short drive from kindergarten. Thanks also Alan, Sue, Catherine and Abby for helping out.

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