Thursday, August 16, 2012

A vist to the Stoke Library.

Maria, who has been a student teacher with us for the past five weeks wanted to take a small group to the Stoke Library. So we planned a trip and of course we were all pleased to see that the rain had stopped so we could walk .The children were delighted to see a familiar place and that huge hand was of course of interest. Sarah , one of the librarians met us and welcomed us to her place. We sat on the mat and sung a welcome song and then Sarah read us three stories.We were able to browse though the book shelves and bring some back to kindergarten to share . I think one of the highlights for many of the children was being able to have a stamp on their hands. A practice that Nelson Libraries have been offering children for a very long time, but one that never fails to delight. Thanks Meg and Kris for coming along to help and thanks to Maria for organising the trip.We all had a wonderful morning out exploring another part of our local community.

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