Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Up close and personal with a .....Mako Shark!! Louie's Granddad Wally and Nana Barbara brought another visitor to kindergarten .As soon as they came through the gate excitement mounted as children remembered the Marlin from a week or two back.We called the children to mat time and they sat there rather spell bound, taking in it's size and especially the TEETH.Wally was a fabulous teacher and led the children in a discussion about what sharks eat, where they live and where they sleep.We were all given the chance to go up close to the shark and touch the teeth! Thrilling for some, daunting for others. Once again Wally and Barbara thanks so much for sharing your passion with us. The children have continued to talk about the mako, have a go at drawing it, and also I have noticed quite a few games about sharks and sea life in general.We do look forward to whatever "taonga - treasure" you bring next time.

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