Saturday, May 26, 2012

A marching we will go....

Hi ho the dairy oh, a marching we will go.  Having families share their skills and interests is a huge part of our programme, so when Archie's Mum and sister Amelia and her friend came to share their marching skills we all joined in.  

We were very impressed with their marching routines and the huge amount of dance moves they had to learn to move in time to the music.

The children marched for  30 minutes afterwards, really enjoying the strong beat of the music and marching in a line with others.  The sense of enjoyment and the sense togetherness was very evident. 

We marched out the door, around the playground and back into the kindergarten, following behind Amelia as she led the way.

Emily marches as well, so joining in to show her kindergarten friends and teachers her marching skills was a very important thing to do.   There is alot of skill needed to marched, especially listening and moving in time, so Emily showed us how it was done. 
Thanks Emily you were superb.

A big thanks to Sonya, Amelia, and her friend, Archie and Emily for sharing your time and your marching skills.  We will continue to march to the music and hopefully when your marching group recruits this year you may have some more followers.

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