Thursday, February 2, 2012

"Sharing our pets"

This week both Devin and Stuart brought their pets into kindergarten for us to all enjoy. Devin was very excited to see his Mum and Dad come through the gate with the kittens. Almost immediately a group of children came running to see what was inside the box. Funnily enough right behind them came Stuart's Mum with his pet canary.

Dan and Shantelle soon had the children organised sitting down and quietly waiting for the kittens to approach them so that could have a hold. Everybody commented on the softness of their fur and the roughness of their tongues when the kittens tried to lick them . These three cute kittens are looking for forever homes, so if your after a new family member you might like to chat to Devin's family.

Stuart's yellow canary sat up on top of the art easel all morning and kept Tania entertained while we went out side to have a session with Lee. As we came back we heard him singing a most beautiful song which was pretty cool.
Thank You Devin and Stuart and your whanau for bringing in your pets to meet us.


Anonymous said...

Cooper just loved being able to pat the 'baby cats' - that was one of his 'best' things for the day. Tanya

Annette said...

I love kittens and it sound like they were a big hit. They are so soft. I wonder what you have to do to look after them? Mrs Jimmink