Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Rainy Days

22nd February

What do we do when it is raining but the children want to get outside and play? We put on our raincoats, get out the umbrellas and off we go to the playground. And if the children don't have an umbrella? We have now purchased 15 Kindy raincoats so that we can get outside no matter what the weather. So it looked like we had lots of little orange gnomes out in the playground that morning!

Who needs a hose to turn the slide into a water slide when it has been raining? The
children soon discovered how fast they could come down when they pulled their coats down so that they were sitting on them or if they laid on their tummies. What fun we all had!


Annette said...

Hey there my friends. What a great idea to have special raincoats to use. It does look like lots of fun. Great stuff.. Mrs Jimmink

Artykids said...

I love the idea of the raincoats - can I steal that idea too!!