Thursday, February 2, 2012

Chips for morning tea

Returning to kindergarten it is time to assess the state of our gardens which have had to cope without regular watering over the break. A rainy December and new bark on Mt Wharepapaiti has meant the grasses planted have thrived over summer and are looking good.
Digging out the potato barrel revealed a kilogram or two of potatoes. I had some willing helpers to dig them out of the dirt and Ratisha cleaned them with a scrubbing brush and water. Thanks Ratisha.
Leaving them damp in a plastic bag over the weekend wasn't such a good idea we discovered. Pooowheee!!!!! Where did that smell come from?
Another round of scrubbing and cleaning was in order. Again Ratisha was a great helper.
What should we do with them now. After some discussion about the different ways to eat potatoes it was decided we were going to make CHIPS.
There is never a shortage of helpers when it comes time to prepare food. You can't cut up potatoes with a blunt knife so out came our sharpest knives and the chopping boards. Taking turns, the children soon had the potatoes chopped, spread on a tray and in the oven.
Only two sticking plasters were needed when fingers got in the way!
By the time the chippies came out of the oven most of the children were all sitting down for morning tea.
Ratisha was able to share them out to those keen to try the result of our hard work and good growing and cooking skills.
Can't wait to plant some more in the coming season.

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