Monday, October 31, 2011

How to protect our ears

Today we had a visit from Bridgette from the Hearing Association. Bridgette showed us how loud noises damage the hairs inside our ears and how these can never be repaired.

The best advice was for children to wear ear muffs when attending events such as stock cars and concerts. Where there are no ear muffs and the children are unable to control the noise they were advised to walk away.
We have heard and seen the children put this into practice by saying " I am going to walk away, this is too loud."

The hairs in our ears stand up and wave around to the noise but when it is too loud they are squashed down and do not stand up again. The children were given pipe cleaners to use to imitate this process. Did you know that your ears can only handle loud ipod music through headphones for 15 minutes before you damage your hearing

The children then placed different sounds - represented by weighted boxes onto a sound metre to see how damaging they are to your hearing. Did you know a squealing pig is no good for our hearing!

Have you noticed the traffic light sound box on our kindergarten wall? Teachers purchased this to help children learn to self manage the noise they and others are making and to become aware of the effects it has on others.

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