Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Dancing with the stars

We love to dance and dance at Nayland Kindergarten whether it be inside or out. Lady Gaga is a favourite and she is often choosen by both the boys and girls.  Of late we have created a stage in the blue room where we have audiences to show our techniques and artistic abilities to. So if you have a spare few minutes come and have a boogie with us. 

Music and dance are core elements of our curriculum and fit within the teaching teamʼs belief in the importance of creativity in childrenʼs learning and development. Musical research tells us that movement is important for brain development and visual ability. Research also tells us that children who are capable movers become confident people. Children’s ability to move their bodies and manipulate it are essential skills in learning about direction and spacial awareness. These are critical skills that are then transferred to the learning of symbols such as letters and their formation. Children need to have control of their torso, shoulders and arms before they master the ability to control finger movement.

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