Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Afternoon children visit the gym.

As if the bus ride into town was not exciting enough by itself, the children had a great time exploring and challenging themselves on the equipment at the Nelson Intermediate Gym.

 The foam pit of course is a great hit with children jumping from the trampoline or off higher platforms!

The rope swing and the rings also proved to a challenge many children had a go on.

The children have a variety of physical challenges within the playground at kindergarten and this is supported and enhanced by visiting the gym where different equipment, challenges and risks are available to the children.  Often the gym sessions are not available to the afternoon group due to the gyms timetable so we were veyr pleased to be able to visit this term. The teachers were very impressed at the way children challenged themselves and managed themselves in a new environment and with many different adults.                 Ka pai tamariki.

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