Sunday, August 21, 2011

Music Fun!

Last week we had two wonderful sessions with Kath Bee, a local singer who has recorded several children's CD's and whose music is well-known to our children, particularly a current favourite, "Dragons Under My Bed". She came and sang at both a morning and afternoon session, ensuring all children had the opportunity to participate in one of her very entertaining and interactive sessions. And of course "Dragons Under My Bed" was a must at both sessions, the children singing along with her. All the songs encouraged active participation from the audience, so providing the children with opportunity to experiment with pitch, keeping a steady beat, changing beat, moving to simple rhythmic patterns and just having lots of fun. Thank you, Kath! And we can continue to enjoy her music as we now have 4 of her CD's at kindergarten which include all the songs that she did with us.

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