Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Football skills.

Because some of the children are interested in football(soccer) we asked if Ian ( an ex parent)and Midgets football coach would kindly come along and do a session with us.So in small groups of ten we headed over to Broadgreen Intermediate Hall and met Ian there.
What was interesting was to watch how carefully the children listened to Ian and took on board the things he taught them.He is an awesome coach, and made sure we all worked out, leaned some new skills, practice some we already have and had a good time.Giving children these types of experiences provides them the opportunity to gain confidence in and control of their bodies, learn ways of keeping themselves physically healthy.
For some children this was a completely new experience trying something they had never done before. For others the challenge was feeling comfortable leaving Kindergarten to go soemwhere new but once they got there and relaxed it they discovered it was OK, and actually fun.Thanks Ian for giving up your time once again, we all benefited.

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