Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Visiting Nayland Primary.

Transition to School is made a little smoother by children being given many opportunities to become familiar with the school routines and environment.About six weeks prior to a child starting Nayland Primary they begin to attend Rainbow Club and also make a series of visits to a classroom on a Thursday morning.Each week children also take turns in small groups to visit the school library .We were invited by Mrs Payne to take a small group up to visit her class room. The children made Lynne and I feel extremely proud as we listened to them share tier mihimihi so confidently.
Mrs Payne read story and we all joined with a song. After this children were able to choose a numeracy activity and work with others.The school children all chose a kindergarten buddy to work with.Having someone who already had some school experience was helpful . The school children were fantastic role models to our children, showing them around and making sure they were well looked after.
We had morning tea on the verandah and then a play in the playground.What a great morning. I think the thing I appreciated the most was watching children have opportunity to become familiar with the way things happen at school.

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