Monday, June 20, 2011

A visit to Jake's house.

Jake and his Mum Margaret invited a small group to go to their house to see their new baby finches. We helped mix up the food for the babies and then give it to them. Some children bravely went inside the aviary while the rest of us watched. Jake also has a rabbit, some very cool toys and a trampoline. The chidlren were quick to explore everything and Jake and Margaret were brilliant hosts sharing their special things with us.
Small Group excursions are a wonderful way of building connections between kindergarten and the community, of deepening the relationship between children, their homes and kindergarten and also extending on the interests of children. The thing I appreciate the most is having the time to interact iwth children and parents in small, relaxed and informal settings. Thanks Margaret and Jake for inviting us. Thanks also to Angeline, Alicia, Kirsten, Nat and Pauline for coming with us . Thanks for your help. it meant the afternoon went smoothly and enjoyably for us all.

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