Sunday, June 5, 2011

Photography Walks

Nayland Kindergarten has for a number of years now has provided children with ICT technologies such as cameras, computers, recorders and video cameras. Children have provided us over this time with amazing photos as they see the world with the kindergarten property inside and out.
After attending a teachers' course we heard of another kindergarten who take their children on photography walks giving two children the chance to photograph the walk through their eyes and then work with these photos to make a book. I decided to take a group of children to see how this would go.
Here are a sample of a few of their photos. I was stunned at the detail they discovered with the lens of things I simply walk past. What do you think?

My favourites are the shadow photos. I took the first one then asked the children to create a different shadow. The children then found their own shadow photos. WOW!!

Next time I go I will restrict the cameras to just two children as this will make it more manageable and give the photographers more uninterrupted time to spend capturing the world through their lens. I can feel an exhibition coming on!

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