Saturday, June 4, 2011

Movie Stars in the making!

Some students from Nayland College had asked if they could come and make a movie at kindergarten with a small group of children and of course we jumped at the idea.  What a wonderful opportunity for our 4 year olds to see 16 year olds excited about learning too and maybe they too would want to be movie makers in the future.  I am not sure who was more excited our children or the 3 boys from college.

The boys explained to children that they would read a story, and then
they would choose someone to ask a question and then they would have to run outside pretending they were a bit scared.  They explained that it was a pretend story and did they think that they could scream too, no problem thought the children.

Mary and I watched on in wonder as the children acted out their role and produced some fantastic footage for the boys.  At one stage, I think it was the screaming stage, the boys were laughing so much they could hardly film and at the end they couldn't thank us enough for the great footage they had got.  The thank you belongs to the children.

For all our hardwork we all got Movie Star badges and then told the whole world about our new experiences.  You never know we could all be movie starts one day.

The funniest thing about the story  read was that it was the foreward and introduction with no pictures.  The children were intrigued, they listened with intent and laughed when the reader found tricky words and made funny facial expressions.  The audience was captivated and followed the storyline.

We are always keen to involve the 3 schools around us in our programme as we can see the potential for peer learning and the many opportunities and possibilities that unfold.  We are now looking forward to the final movie and maybe the teachers can tap into a bit of movie making learning too with the college boys.    The possibilities are endless.

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