Wednesday, June 22, 2011

It's a Policeman!

Friday 17th June

The children were very excited when Constable Garland arrived at Kindergarten during kai time. They quickly forgot about eating their morning tea and surrounded him asking,"Do you know my name?" No shyness here! One boy even went and got a chair for him and insisted that he sit down by the kai mat. Then we all went in to mat time where the children had the chance to ask Constable Garland some questions, ably facilitated by Ethan, the designated teacher for mat time. Constable Garland also talked to the tamariki about the role of the police, general road and car seat safety and the police uniform. Some lucky guys got to try the uniform on. Then at the end they all lined up to shake hands with Constable Garland. Thanks to him for taking the time to come along and talk to the children.

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