Saturday, June 4, 2011

Exploring flight.

We are off to visit the rescue helicopter hangar again soon and after my big OE I must say that I am fascinated as to how aeroplanes and helicopters fly.  So tapping into the interest of many of the children at kindergarten we started to explore flight with some paper aeroplane darts.  We noticed that some darts flew better than others and after some discussion I asked the children if they would like to make kite at kindergarten and we could find out how they fly too.  So we made contact with local kite expert and we set up a time for him to come and run a kite workshop.
What a great morning, with a little bit of history and then we had an opportunity to build our own kite, learning some knew skills and knowledge along the way.

We had to have patience, listen to Ted and work together to make 10 kites and then we were rewarded with time to fly them up on the Broadgreen fields up the back.  All our efforts were rewarded as we tested the flying capabilities of our kites, it took some testing, retesting, adjustments and retesting, needing perseverance and trial and error to make them fly.  But that is all part of the learning that takes place for children and adults.
I think the photos say it all, as you see the pleasure, busyness and enjoyment shared by all.
Thanks Ted  (from Rainbow Flight)
Thanks to the wonderful parents who came along, I don't about you but I learnt alot about making kites and will be off to try my hand at it sometime soon.

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