Saturday, June 4, 2011

Creating with Stella - our new sewing machine

Last term saw the arrival of our sewing machine into the kindergarten. We opened the box in great excitement and named the machine "Stella." Since then there has been a number of
amazing creations by the children. Each artifact or article of clothing has had significant meaning to each of the designers and seamstresses.

Whether it be the teddy bear for one to cuddle at night or the all important wedding dress each one begins with a concept drawing to creating a pattern to the construction of the chosen material. It is important children have real tools to construct their real work and the sewing machine is just one of the construction technologies children at Nayland Kindergarten have available to them.
Children throughout the sewing process develop the ability to self assess their work and plan what to do next, sometimes this is with teachers guidance . Throughout these processes the children develop a sense of what counts as good work for themselves. They take control of the process and determine the end product.
Watch this space as children plan to visit the textiles and technology class at Nayland College to share creations and learn what older students do with a sewing machine. Also we will plan a morning at WOW- World of Wearable Art Museum for more inspiration, provocation and food for the creative soul!

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