Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sports Tasman Ride on Track.

There was high excitement at kindergarten on Tuesday as children arrived with their bikes ready to give the ride on challenge track a go. I had been talking to Martin form Sports Tasman and he agree to bring it along for us. He told me he was very excited about seeing how kindergarten children could handle the track as this was his first pre- school request. I just knew the children on Nayland Kindergarten would surprise and astound him, and I wasn't at all disappointed. At mat time we discussed ideas with the children about safety on bikes and together we brainstormed some simple steps.
1) Wear a helmet
2) Wear shoes.
3) Listen to the adults.
4) Look out for others.
5) Give it a go.
In small groups children were able to go and try out the track.We were all proud of the way they gave it a go, pushed themselves to new limits and worked so hard.One of the best things was watching some children who were hesitant initially by the end of the session wearing proud smiles . We would love to hear what your children told you about the day.When Martin came back to pack up he told me " I was rapt to see all those bikes, and all the children who were rearing to go. I'd love to come back" so watch this space.

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