Monday, May 23, 2011

A Leaf sandwich and other goodies.

We always know that Autumn has arrived when we return to kindergarten in Term 2.
Our old pear tree has dropped pears on the ground to be gathered and stored while they ripen.
Pears never ripen on the tree and it is hard to be patient and wait especially when often the bruises they suffer in falling from the tree can cause them to rot. They don't often look that appetising by then. The pears this year have been plentiful and enormous. Enough for us, the birds and the compost heap for the ones that are damaged. For the first time I have managed to keep some long enough to ripen and enjoy at home. Did anyone else have any luck with the ones we put out for you to take home?
Another autumn task is raking up the leaves that fall from our trees, into a leaf sandwich.
Why do we call it that?
Is it because by next spring the leaves will have broken down enough to create a lovely mulch to feed our kindergarten gardens.
I like that explanation.

There are always plenty of helpers for the task of raking and carting the leaves to the stack.
An enjoyable task, raking, lifting, carrying, coordinating the tipping, very physical. Negotiating turns with the rake and the broom, asking for help and working together to lift the heavier buckets.
Together we are experiencing the seasons, recycling and practicing a sustainable way of living.

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