Sunday, May 15, 2011

Fun is in the air - What are they up to this time?

Who says adults don't play.
What are the FLG's (committee) up to now?  It must be lots of fun judging by the laughter and fun happening by the family pockets, whatever it is, it is  creating alot of attention.  
It is green and yellow with a thong - ok it is a jandal with words on!  Mmmm sounds interesting, lets check it out.

This will be a fun party!
Our amazing FLG's are all about fun and social times for our kindergarten community, always ready to get together to brainstorm creative ideas, to fundraise and provide social opportunities for all.  The jandal invitation is a fabulous example of their innovation and the fun they had making it is clear to see.
A kiwiana party - so put your thinking hats on - what will the Nayland Kindergarten families dress up as?  What is kiwiana?
There is excitement in the air as the adults discuss  the many possibilities, planning how to make their outfits and checking in with each other to see what they can share.


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