Monday, May 23, 2011

Fantastic Families

"Te Whariki - The wider world of family and community is an integral part of the early childhood curriculum...building on what children bring to it, making links with everyday and special events of family, whanau, local communities and cultures."

At the end of term one, at the invitation of Nic, Hannah, her
Grandma and Pop, our children, parents and teachers travelled by bus out to Appleby to Grandma and Pops house for a magical morning of picnics, treasure hunts, lollypop trees, a dip in the spa, crocodiles in the pool and more.

We can't say thank you enough to Hannah, Nic, Grandma and Pop for the generosity of spirit which we experienced. As one of our children commented, 'it was the best day of her life.'

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