Saturday, March 5, 2011

Tubes, funnels and water.

Recently we have added various sizes plastic tubing to the water trough which has provided the children with new problems to solve and interesting areas to explore. This week I was with a group of children and a parent as we explored just what happens when water is poured through a funnel and then into the tubes. The problem was how to get water from one place to another, from the trough down into the tub in the sandpit. I listened to the conversations around me and the careful questioning of the adults as children were encouraged to explore and to test theories about how we could solve the problem we had encountered.While their minds were on figuring out ways to solve the problems their bodies and in particular their hands and eyes were also getting a work out. Practicing skills like pouring water into the funnel and jugs helps to improve physical dexterity , hand - eye co ordination and small and large motor skills. If reading this post has given you an idea of other resources to use in the water trough and you know you have access to them feel free to have a chat to one of us.

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