Friday, March 18, 2011

Stoke Vetinary Clinic

On Tuesday 15th March 2011 a small group of us left kindergarten making our way through the centre of Stoke and onto Stoke’s Vetenary Clinic. We were delighted to meet people we knew along the way and had fun sitting in the brass hand statue. Amy one of the vetenary nurses met us and we spent the next hour totally enthralled and mesmerized. For many of us we experienced aspects of animal welfare that we had not experienced before. Looking through a microscope and seeing a flea was a highlight of some while others were delighted seeing a dog having an operation. We had hands on experiences to feel the weight of titanium plates and screws that some animals receive to help repair bones, looked at x-rays, hold a huge hair ball that Amy had clipped from a Burmese cat who hadn’t been groomed properly and see some cats and a dog who were in the animal hospital recovering from their operations and were on the road to recovery. What an amazing morning we had, it was in walking distance and people from our community were enriching the learning opportunities of our tamariki in meaningful and real life situations

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