Saturday, March 12, 2011

Doggie Day Care!

Following the interests of many of the children we decided it would be good to bring in some dogs to visit. And because I own two small and very sweet-natured dogs we thought we would start with Maggie (Rough Coat Jack Russell) and Dolly (Spoodle). Ian arrived with the dogs and of course was soon met by some very excited children, Dolly and Maggie were very popular and soon large groups of children were eagerly waiting for a turn to pat them, feed them or take them for a little walk. Earlier in the day we had set up a dog crate so the dogs would have somewhere to rest if it all got too much, which proved to me very useful. Dolly and Maggie say thanks very much Elaine (woof, woof, lick lick, lick). Before the dogs came the cage was full of lions, wild dogs and dinosaurs, which fortunately left as soon as the dogs arrived. Ian and the dogs stayed for lunch so that the afternoon children also had a chance to meet them, and once again the dogs were the subject of much affection. Once again I had reason to feel very proud of the children of Nayland Kindergarten as they so carefully enjoyed the dogs but were mindful of caring for them too. Thanks Ian, Dolly and Maggie for giving up part of your day to come and spend time with us.

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