Saturday, February 12, 2011

Yes we can!

The Nayland swimming pool is about 100 metres away and we have been talking about taking small groups of children swimming for over a year now,  it seemed quite a tricky thing to plan as we needed 1 adult to 1 child in the water at all times.  But once again our amazing families jumped at the idea and within days we had it organised and were ready to go.     
What an amazing morning of fun, laughter, peer role modelling and bucket loads of courage and lots of learning for all of us.  Can we do this again and again "YES WE CAN!"  What a wonderful way for children and adults to get to know each other in a different learning space, and for children to be our teachers.  
Next time we could bring more than 10 children as  the pool could accommodate at least 20 children and adults.

Thank you to all our families for always making yourselves available to support as we explore our community and find out about what children and families do outside kindergarten.

I do not like to admit it but it was my first swim for the season, and with the temperature at about 26 degrees it was like having a bath at 10am in the morning.                                                                              
We will have to return to practice all the new things we had learnt for the morning like going down the slide, jumping off the edge and going underneath the water.  I am sure the others will want to come now they have heard about our amazing morning.

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Anonymous said...

That looks like great fun, I hope you'll still be able to do this next year when Cooper is is morning Kindy. Tanya