Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ukulele Practice.

Over recent months I have been learning to play the ukulele. Sometimes I feel brave enough to bring it out during a session so the children and I can sing and play together. Today one of the children decided she would start her afternoon with some ukulele playing and singing.Off we went to sit under the big tree on the deck and very soon a small group gathered. We sung and played,relaxing in the sun, getting to know each other and enjoyed the music(the best part is the children don't seem to mind my VERY SLOW chord changes).So what was the learning ? For me it's about practicing the new skills I am learning and also an opportunity to share with children the pleasure that music and song brings. We sung many songs with many renditions, with each of the children contributing their versions. They each chose a song to sing and play , and were able to confidently express their ideas to the others.As we sat and played, chatted and sung together we learned new things abut each other which of course helps to build friendships. Children were also learning about appropriate ways of using instruments, and about the fact that music is a wonderful tool for helping us to relax, and also express creativity .What a wonderful way to spend the afternoon.

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