Saturday, February 12, 2011

A new start to the year!

Coming back to kindergarten before schools
start means that many of our ex kindergarten children come to play with their siblings.  This not only supports their younger brothers and sister to settle back in after 5 weeks away, but it also means that they  able to return to some of their favourite places to play.

They are great role models for our younger children, showing them how to be creative with the materials available.  Sydney, Jake and Connor were all part of our visual art research and art exhibition in 2008/2009 and they were often our teachers as we were the learners.  There is a culture of "children as teachers" and "teachers as learners" embedded in our kindergarten  programme and this is evident throughout the kindergarten environment.

What's happening over the fence? When we arrived back on day one the walk way to kindergarten had been dug up, although a little inconvenient, what a wonderful learning opportunity. We watched the The very friendly road workers showed us their skills pushing the concrete around until it smoothed out to make a new entranceway.  Never let a learning opportunity go by.  
There has lots of activity on the pedestrian crossing this week, as it is now controlled by volunteers and Nayland College to improve the flow of traffic and keep our children safe. 

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. said...

I love your woodworking table :)

I also love the culture of children as teachers - something we have at our preschool. We have mixed aged groups each day with children between 3-5 years and it is a joy to watch the older kids take the younger ones under their wings each year.