Saturday, February 12, 2011

It is all about community!

We started the year knowing that the ECE funding cuts were about to kick in on the 1st February and how this would impact on kindergarten and our families.  Once again our amazing families have come together as a community to share resources, time and ideas, as to how we can work together to minimise the impact.    
The hum of a community working together is like no other and the sharing of items and food donations is just astonishing.  So again thanks to our fantastic community of children and families.
The teachers have been planning how to get to the fish market in Seattle to live the "Fish Philosophy" (check it out- just google "Seattle fish market"), but we don't need to go now because we know that we have our own "Fish Philosophy" market at home.

Over the holiday period families supported us by repairing and sewing new dress ups, repainting and remodelling some of our furniture, topping up our sandpit (which was very low and required a big truck, digger donated by Kyle Whiting Contractors and sand donated by Fulton Hogan- a huge saving to the kindergarten), new noticeboards were made with board donated by the MDF plant, and material donated by Hubbers Furnishings.  It was really helpful to have families taking turns checking in on the kindergarten over the 5 week holiday break to water, mow lawns etc. 

Thanks to everyone who pitched in to help us out - it is all about community.


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