Thursday, December 16, 2010

What fabulous parents we have!

Today Kirstin (Luca's mum) came along to tell the children a special story about the caterpillar who wanted to fly.  It was even more special as she had made all her own props which were beautifully hand made.  We are hoping that we can have a workshop at kindergarten to learn this skill and what a brilliant way of using recycled resources and sharing our skills together as a community.
Kirstin had a captive audience who asked her to retell it several times.

We enjoyed Kirstin's storytelling so much that she came back a few weeks later to share a christmas story with the afternoon children.  This time Kirstin and Lara (India's Mum) did a puppet show which was magical and funny.  We love your story telling ladies, we want you to come back and share some more stories with us.  Some music too Lara, and we will enrol Lily for you.
 Now we want to know how to make those puppets Kirstin, lets set a date and maybe our families would like to come to a workshop too.

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