Sunday, December 12, 2010

Did we let a little (lot) of Rain spoil our fun

Certainly not.
After 2 months without a rainy day we were feeling confident that our Christmas picnic party would be held under bright blue skies.
The ballon lady, face painters, Lions train and Father Christmas were booked and the children and teachers walked to Isel Park to meet afternoon children and parents who were to join us there.
On arrival, we enjoyed our morning tea and the fun began with children choosing their balloons and lining up to have their faces painted. A few spots of rain turned into a downpour as we bundled bags under tarpaulins then we took shelter under the verandah of Isel house to continue.
The train arrived and trips taken around the gardens. Children chased bubbles in the rain and then Father Christmas arrived to organise a lolly scramble.
The rain had well and truly set in to stay as children and parents headed home to dry off and warm up.

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