Friday, November 12, 2010

Sarah Langi comes to visit.

This week Sarah Langi (Nelson Environment Centre) came to catch up with us at kindergarten. The children were keen to show her our worm farm and we were delighted to hear her say "This is very healthy indeed". I was excited because sometimes I had not really known what I was doing at all. We then emptied the bottom layer of the farm and collected the worm wees or liquid gold as people in the know call it. We diluted this down and then used it as fertiliser on our own Mt Wharepapa iti ( where we have recently planted grasses on the mound behind the slide).
At mat time Sarah brought her own worm farm to teach us more about caring for ours. We certainly learned some fascinating facts about worms, for instance they have no eyes, and baby worms grow in a cocoon which caused a bit of confusion for some children.
Sarah then handed out trays of worms for all the children to look at . The looks of fascination on the childrens faces was brilliant to watch. If you want to know more about worm farming ,feel free to come and ask and also ask your child to show you ours.

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