Sunday, November 7, 2010

Reduce Reuse Recycle

At kindergarten our committment to sustainable practices can be seen as we compost our food and garden waste, feed our garden with the goodness produced by our worm farm and the bokashi bins. We reuse some of our un named paintings by over painting them and using them as backgrounds for screenprinting and drawing. We encourage no waste lunch boxes and are experts in using all kinds of recycled materials for construction and other play.
Our recent excursion to the recycling centre was an opportunity to get a bigger picture of what happens to the rubbish we generate in our homes each day.
It was also an opportunity for children to connect with the wider world of work as we met Noahs Dad and Uncle who work at the recycling centre. We saw the shop where items are sorted for resale and reuse and then the shed which is filled with plastic, glass, card paper and tins to be sorted and sent off to plants around NZ to be remade into other products such as buckets, rulers,egg cartons and roading material. We saw the hopper where items destined for the landfill are crushed in preparation. Coming back to kindergarten with items from the reuse shop we were full of ideas for possible uses. Will there be a robot or a pirate ship at kindergarten soon ? We will see.

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