Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A magic place

We often talk about Nelson as a beautiful place to live and a recent newspaper survey has shown that Stoke is a very popular place to live too.  You no sooner walk out your door and you can be cycling the hills, walking the beach or exploring the arts and cafes.
We sometimes forget to look even closer still at the beautiful things around us, and that is just what we did at kindergarten this week.  Check out our beautiful flowers and trees, have you noticed them inside the kindergarten grounds?

The children are always very keen to help us look after the gardens, to water and plant.  They now have a magical playground, which is very natural and beautiful to play in everyday.  The plants are now attracting birds back into the playground and different smells happen as the children explore the many special places.
Rolling down the tunnel and off into the flaxes, travelling down the yellow slide and passing under the flax leaves.  Pushing through the plant forest beside the tunnel and out onto the stone pit, creates lots of different smells and textures brushing over your skin.

Climbing Mt Wharepapa Iti and looking into the distance to see Mt Wharepapa (Mt Arthur stands regally over the Nelson Area).  We are thinking about writing a legend about how our little mountain arrived here and the children are now showing an interest after planting their grasses on the mountain.

When summertime comes we are blessed with a natural shade canopy to protect us all from the sun.  The trees growing in our playground have been here for generations before us, especially the pear tree which is now 50+ years old.

We no longer climb the pear tree as we want it to stand strong for a long time to come.
The children are allowed to nestle in the natural alcove that the branches form at the bottom of the tree.

Sarah from Nelson City Council visited today to checkout our worm farm and bokashi and she thinks our environment should be an "Enviro School" right now.

Take the time to enjoy the natural playground, and remember adults have permission to play in it too.

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