Monday, November 1, 2010

Bunny Day.

Vaydim came into kindergarten clutching something small in his arms and calling "It's Bunny Day". He had a small baby rabbit tucked into his arms. Of course very soon a larger group had arrived to have a look and have the chance to pet him.
It soon turned out it was indeed Bunny day because Ruth and her Mum arrived with two more bunnies in tow. They set up a special enclosure and children took turns climbing inside to pat and feed them. Outside our student teachers Jess and Meghan were face painting and yes , your guessed correctly, very soon a whole clutch of bunnies were hopping around the playground.After kindergarten that day Jake and his Mum went to pick up his new pet bunny,so next day he brought it in to share with us.
What an awesome opportunity for children who might not have any pets at home.Thanks to these children and their families for sharing their pets with us.

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