Thursday, October 28, 2010

What's happening here.

I just love the purposeful buzz that happens during the morning as you look around the mat and see children engaged in small clusters busily working away at their chosen task.
The blocks were well in use today.
Some clusters were focused on the problems presented by the building activity in itself.
As they built they were involved in design, pattern, size, balance and stability. Problem solving and selecting the right materials for the job. There was negotiation of roles, and ideas, listening and responding appropriately.

For others the building was a prop for dramatic imaginary story telling with dinosaurs, animals and insects.

Another exploration was around size, height, balance, comparison,with all of the careful thoughtfulness and anticipation that goes into building a tower. Would this be the block that makes the tower tumble? Observers were drawn in to offer advice and make comparisons. It was great to see the children respectful of each others ideas and guiding their own and contributing to the group learning.

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