Thursday, October 28, 2010

A trip to the theatre.

Tanya Batts, story teller extraordinaire was visiting Nelson as a participant in the Nelson Arts Festival. We are familiar with her story of the magic playdough at kindergarten, a mat time favourite with the children. A visit to the theatre royal was arranged for our kindergarten morning session to hear Tanya's story telling.
She held a theatre full of 4 years olds spell bound for an hour as she told the story of the little duck, the gingerbread man, then Grandmothers bed.

In the evening Tanya held a workshop at kindergarten for teachers from our association and others about story telling. We will be using her material during sessions as the weeks go by.

Why tell stories?
Tanya would say " to make sense of the world, and a develop a sense of self.
To engage and empathise with other perspectives, build and strengthen relationships and encourage problem solving skills.
Story telling develops language and narrative, and exercises an alternate way of knowing.(From The story sack. Tanya Batt)

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