Sunday, October 24, 2010

That's how we roll at Nayland Kindergarten.

This week when Lee came he focused on rolling. First children had to lie on a Swiss boll while an adult rolled them back and forward, while they had lift their upper body. Then they had a turn to sit on the Swiss ball and find their own balance.Outside Lee encouraged the children to practice long pencil rolls and forward rolls. I asked Lee how to teach children to do forward rolls and this is what he had to say "bend down, hands down, head down and roll". Rolling is good for your child's brains and something you can do easily and simply at home.Have fun.


Anonymous said...

Hey kindy friends. It is great that you are learning to roll and rattle those brains about. That will help you to be ready to learn at school. Great stuff. Mrs Jimmink

Lauren said...

Thank you Lee for all the great things you have taught my child.She has learnt alot from you.

Thank you teaches for all the positive attitude you have putting into kindy,my child truely loves coming to school and i Would definitely recommend to others.
Many Thanks