Thursday, October 14, 2010

Spring is here, it's time to plant.

What a great first week of term, the fantastic weather makes it even more pleasant to be outside. The warmer weather has been making our garden grow like crazy so we have been busy this week weeding and tidying up the garden. We also decided to plant sunflowers again with the children but this year we have experimented with a new kind of pot to plant the seeds in. We used newspaper to make our own pots which can then be planted straight into the ground. What a great way to use up old newspapers and makes the transplanting of the plants an easier process later.

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Futures said...

Great to be doing some planting with the lovely Spring weather! Would love to hear about how to make your recyclable planting pots - what a great idea!

At Futures Early Education we patiently watched eggs in an incubator over the last few weeks. Last Wednesday we were overjoyed at the arrival of 12 baby chicks. What a pleasure it has been for our tamariki and whanau to celebrate new life! Isn't Spring just fantastic!!!