Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wharenui at Nayland Kindergarten

At Nayland we celebrate Maori as Tangata Whenua and strive for children and teachers to be able to walk in both worlds with knowledge and embracement of language, cultural values and customs. Part of thid journey has been the children building a wharenui (meeting house) on the front deck. The children have been learning about the tikanga (customary rules) about the use and components of the whare(house).
After the wharenui was built we held a small blessing ceremony with a karakia (prayer) and waiata (song). Children spoke of what they contributed to the wharenui and how they felt about having one.

Children worked hard at constructing the building and then painted the outside. Over a couple of days we prepared the tukutuku panels by using red and white paint on black paper and used the lattice card to replicate the carvings. A tekoteko was prepared for the top of the house replicating the ancestral carving.

Children have embraced the meeting house ensuring the rules such as no shoes, no food, no drink and no fighting/ guns allowed. Check out the diagram by the wharenui and ask the children to explain the parts.

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