Monday, September 6, 2010

Lee comes to play.

We have invited Lee Corlett just to come and play in the playground with us. We have been having a brilliant time too, learning many new things and taking time to practice the skills he has been teaching us. This week the children spent time jumping off the boxes into the octonut Lee added another challenge, they had to catch a ball while jumping. The next stage was to bat the ball into a hoolahoop while jumping off the boxes. Soon it was obvious the children were ready for another challenge and so we moved over to the catch a frame that I have borrowed. We had been using this to practice catching skills and Lee added another challenge of having to throw the bean bags and land them into different coloured hoolahoops( all for different amount of points) . I so appreciated having Lee to give me some different ways of using our equipment and I know the children benefit from having his input as well.We will put a note on the noticeboard when Lee is next coming to play, so if you have time come along and hang out with us.Thanks Lee for giving some of your time to us.

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