Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Kiwi Group go Horse Riding

Friday 10th September

The sun was shining brightly when this group of very excited children, parent helpers and both Sues headed up to the Whakatu RDA at the top of Brook Street for some horse riding. There have been lots of small group excursions over the term and this time it was the Kiwi group who were heading out for some fun. When we first got there we had a picnic morning tea and got to have a look at the horses waiting in the paddock, the children deciding which horse they might like to ride. Then it was time to be fitted for riding helmets before heading off for a ride. For most of these children it was a totally new experience and yet when we saw them sitting up there so straight and relaxed in the saddle they all looked like naturals. In groups of four, each child got to spend about 15 minutes going around the exercise area, firstly getting a feel for being in the saddle and then doing some special activities like placing rings over cones. Not a problem for these Nayland Kindergarten children! While some were waiting for their turn they were able to visit the Waimarama Organic Community Garden where we saw the composting and worm farm. Of course our children already know about worm farms but this one was a lot bigger. They also saw where the horses were kept and even got to help comb down the little pony, Dinkie. It was a great morning out in the fresh air and sunshine! Since then the children have done some amazing drawings about their horse riding which we plan to make into a book. So watch out for this publication!

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